A Cub Scout Pack has members aged 8-10 ½ years old (6-month flexibility applies). Cub Scouts meet together as a Pack and work within a variety of small groups called ‘Sixes’. A team of adults will run the Cub Scout Pack, usually led by an Akela, some will be uniformed leaders’ others maybe sectional assistants, helpers or parents.


Cubs take part in a wide range of activities that are designed to be interesting and to challenge them. At the same time they have fun, adventure and make friends along the way. They do this through taking part in a programme of activities provided by the Leadership team such as: camping, playing games, trying new things and exploring the outdoors.


Cub Scouts work towards awards and badges. The Cub Scout Membership Award is presented to new Cub Scouts once they have learnt about the traditions and history of Scouting and about being a Cub Scout today. Activity badges are specialist interest badges that can further develop a Cub Scout’s interest. They can also form the basis for special events and some are geared at the whole pack working together. With hard work and regular attendance Cub Scouts can gain their Silver Award, which is presented in a district ceremony by the Town Mayor


Camps and outings are the most memorable events during the year. They are the chance to carry out activities that are not possible at the regular weekly meeting.


Akela, the Cub Scout Leader, who has overall responsibility for the Pack, will lead the Leadership Team.  It is however, very much a team effort with everyone having something to offer.



Our Sturgeon Pack is run by Richard Alfieri and meets on Monday evenings 19:00 to 20:30 and Penn Pack meets Thursday evenings 19:00 to 20:30